How can you claim vested $TYT tokens on LCX?

  1. Click on to see all the token sales you have participated in.

2. Click on the token sale section to get the list of token sales you have participated in. Afterwards, according to the token you want to claim, you need to click on the token sale , i.e.,  TYT, Wisdomise, or other tokens.

3. The vested token will be available for claim after the end of the token sale and according to the vesting schedule defined by the TYT team. The total amount of TYT bought, vesting amount, total claimed Amount, and Total releasable Amount will also be shown.

If you have participated in different rounds, you can select the round accordingly to see the balance for each round from the Select Sale Round Drop Down section on the top right corner of the Dashboard.

Click on the Claim Token button to unlock the tokens and to check the total releasable amount.

4. Once the amount is unlocked from vesting (depending on the amount and time period), the user can access claimable tokens in their wallet.

  1. Once claimed tokens are visible, you can trade, transfer, and use them on the LCX Platform. 

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