What is the vision and mission of the project?

To revolutionize the GameFi industry via the visionary Play-to-Earn Evolution (P2EE) model, thus improving sustainability of P2E games and creating a healthier ecosystem where players can earn a viable income while enjoying their favorite games.

1. To design a sustainable GameFi ecosystem

We aim to utilize proprietary algorithms to improve and regulate the economy of Bounty Temple, which is our pilot project featuring the P2EE model. Players will be incentivised to enter and stay in the ecosystem, due to the potential of earning assets that retain their value over time.

2. To create a fun game that is enjoyable by everyone

Too often, P2E players are only in it for the profits, spending hours a day grinding mindlessly to collect a meager paycheck at the end of the month. We plan to eradicate that culture by creating an enjoyable and easy-to-pick-up game that allows players to earn in as little as 15 minutes a day – and actually enjoy the time they spend playing it.

3. To create a sustainable scholar ecosystem

Symbiotic scholar-manager relationships are ubiquitous in the GameFi world. However, they are often unregulated, leading to problems that may harm the overall player experience and discourage newcomers from entering the space. By creating a centralized and automated scholar ecosystem, we take the hassle and risk out of the interactions, allowing stakeholders to simply sit back and enjoy the benefits.